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SalaThai Restaurant

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307 Amsterdam Ave New York NY 10023

Enjoy your Sala Thai dining experience! Sala Thai is inspired by the name of the highest ranking government house in Siam, the original name of ThailandWe provide a  "Phraya" experience which means it's fit for a king! The isosceles triangles in our restaurant's design represent Siam royalty and the " Sum Rub" cuisine introduces you to traditional, unusual, and beautifully prepared Thai specialtiesOur dishes are rare and hard to find nowadaysFor an unexpected and flavourful adventure, sample our " Kang Kao Peuak" ( Taro Samosa), Mieng Mamuang ( Mango Compote wrapped with Betel Leaves),  Pad Thai Bolan ( Old styled recipe) , or Kaeng Rawang NeurOur master chef has spent more than a year researching and testing his recipes for you.

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At Sala Thai, you will savor flavorful dishes rarely served outside of Thailand! When most people hear "Thai cuisine," they think about Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and other popular street foodsWe serve these classic dishesBut Sala Thai specializes in sophisticated, little-known cuisine such as Kang Kao Peuak, Mieng Pla Pao and Kaeng Rawang Neur Bai Cha Poo originally prepared for Thai royalty in generations pastWe want to introduce a new generation to these classically-prepared dishes and ensure they won't be lost.

In fact, our mission at Sala Thai is to conserve Thai royal cuisine and share our love for this wonderful food with youBon appetit!